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Janine Daley, LICSW

Offices in:
Andover and Lynn, MA

[email protected]

"Janine creates for the children a safe place where they can be completely silly, have fun and learn how to be good friends to each other. Janine's program helps kids connect with their highest expression and influences their families in the same way. I wish her program would be integrated into every school curriculum, so that at every age, kids could be encouraged to focus on what it takes to be a good friend."
-Gail R.

"This group has been such an enriching experience for our daughters. They have become independent, thoughtful, empathic children who are able to express their feelings through age appropriate dialogue rather than physical outbursts. The social skills they have learned have, and will continue to serve them well as they move through school. I would highly recommend Janine Daley's social learning group to any parent."
-Bridgid Coyle

"Janine Daley's group was an invaluable learning experience for my daughter and provided a foundation for positive peer relationships for the future. She teaches kids sharing, taking turns, asserting, setting limits with peers and ways to resolve basic conflicts while maintaining an awareness of others' feelings! I know of no preschool that can do half as good a job as Janine in teaching young children how to interact with each other!"
-Judy Kelly

"Our daughters' time in Janine Daley's group has been a crucial part of growing into confident, attentive and caring young girls. Janine places a great deal of emphasis on the children learning to be conscious of the social world around them. We often see that when our girls play with others, they are better at sharing and understanding what makes their friends happy. The environment that Janine creates is extremely loving and stimulating and the children are always so happy at the end of a group. Janine also provided us with detailed and constructive feedback on our girls' development. We would really recommend to anyone having their child join Janine's social learning group."
-Jasminka & Clark  Friedman 

"When my son, Harry  first entered Janine's program, he had difficulty with me leaving. Janine was so amazing with him. She would comfort him until he settled and each week would got better and better. He really learned at such at such a young age to trust that I would come back.  Janine was meant to work with children. She has such a tenderness and calmness about her.  I look forward to sending my 2nd child to Janine's and I wouldn't go anywhere else. She is the Best!"

"My oldest son was on the shy side and Janine provided the perfect environment for him to be encouraged and feel safe to express himself. Her knowledge, experience and caring put her group so far beyond any preschool I've experienced."
-Wendy Beck von Peccoz