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Janine Daley, LICSW

Offices in:
Andover and Lynn, MA

[email protected]

Do you and your fellow educators often struggle with managing student behavior problems that interfere with real learning in the classroom?

You are not alone. Consider this statistic:

More children are expelled from preschool than from all other grades, but the expulsion rates decrease significantly with access to classroom-based mental health services. Research shows that early mental health screening and consultation services in preschools and elementary schools will help traumatized children get support services as soon as possible to eliminate later, more costly interventions and negative outcomes.

Educators that are seeking to build a better understanding of these oppositional behaviors and effective strategies for assisting challenging students, can work with me on a one-on-one or group basis at their school setting, in the following areas:
  • Interpreting behavioral patterns and child's social/emotional strengths and deficits

  • Supporting child's emotional needs in the classroom

  • Coordinating strength-and goal-based intervention plans

  • Support of educators in parent/teacher and team meetings

Janine also provides school-based counseling to children, individually or in dyads, as well as facilitation of therapeutic peer groups.